Irvine Flight Basketball expects our players to show respect for teammates, parents, coaches, opponents and the officials.

If you or your son would like to know how to become part of the Flight Family, please send us a message via the Contact page 

Is Steph, Kryie, Kobe, or LeBron, your favorite player?  If so you should remember something they all believe: There are no shortcuts. To be great you have to master the basics and practice them.

In this video, Coach George Karl is teaching the CLOSE OUT.  This is something we have worked on and a skill that is imperative in helping to shutdown the opponent's offense before they can get into it and kickstarts our fast break offense if we can create a turnover out of the defense.

Competition Friday 

Player of the Week

Competition Friday Challenge

This week we are preparing for our tournament so there won't be competition Friday.

Last week's winner of a Game Stop gift card was Cameron.  Isaiah finished second and Jordan won the Graduate/Alumni competition.

The challenge was fitness, strength and endurance based with Cameron doing the most push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, and holding his plank the longest.

Way to go Boys!

Fundamentals, Character, Team Building, & Friendship

Flight Captains Chosen

The team has voted!  

Congratulations  go out to Will and Luciano, who have accepted the Challenge to lead their teammates this season!

Qualities of a Good Captain:

Gives 110% at Practice and in Games

Plays with an Unselfish, Team First Mentality

Encourages & Supports His Teammates

Controls Emotions if Things Aren't Going Our Way

Remains Calm & Focused in Chaos